Lectures by Anna Backerra

The lectures are in Dutch language or, if desired, in English. The duration, level and contents can be adapted to suit the target audience. The overview below assumes about 40 minutes before the break, 30 minutes after the break and a 10 minute question and answer session. Depending on the subject, many fragments of classical music and illustrations are incorporated.

1. The twin model: human behavior in a new perspective

Level: no prior knowledge of physics is required.

Particularly appropriate for psychologists, social scientists and therapists.

The existence of complementarity in everyday life is explained and combined to the so-called ‘twin model for human behavior’. Attention is directed to the consequences for gender differences and human relationships in general. Questions which may come up for discussion: What perspectives does the twin model offer for our health? How can a balanced development in a relationship be stimulated? To what extent is a human bound by the laws of physics? Where is a disconnect between male and female behavior coming from?

Based on the book ‘Het Gevlochten Bestaan’, in which the nature of complementarity is considered (see ‘Publications’; only in Dutch language).

2. Twin physics: a revolution in scientific thinking

Level: academic lectures for graduates and students in physics, mathematics and philosophy.

In the early days of quantum mechanics, no useful mathematical framework could be constructed to describe the wave-particle duality and relativity theory could not be combined with it. Twin physics provides the missing link, reflecting a dualistic way of considering the universe, using a complementary mathematical language. In this way a bridge between small-scale and large-scale phenomena is created.

With this model the four forces of nature can be described. Moreover, a series of elementary particles is described, containing 2 types of protons, 3 types of neutrons and 4 types of electrons. Each electron has an associated magnetized spin particle or a magnetized finite space. A list of ten articles about twin physics can be read and downloaded under “Publications”. Most recent is article 10: The importance of magnetism in understanding the impact of the corona virus.

Based on the book ‘Twin Physics, the Complementary Model of Phenomena’ (see “Publications”).

Scientific lectures as invited speaker are given below.

In 2023 she was keynote speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Lasers, Optics & Photonics, Barcelona, Spain, October 9-10.
She was Plenary Speaker Virtually at the International Summit on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, June 13.

In 2022 she was keynote speaker at the Conference on Lasers, Optics and Photonics, Valencia, Spain, November 10-12.

In 2020 she was keynote speaker at the Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Euroscicon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 21-22. She was invited speaker at the 6th International Conference on Mental Health and Psychology in Dubai, which had to be changed into a Webinar at June 30 because of the corona virus.

In 2019 she presented a video with a popular explanation of the basics of twin physics at the 5th International Conference on Materials Science and Technology, Vancouver, Canada, 2019, April 18-19. She was invited speaker at the Global Conference on Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Valencia, Spain, April 8-10; at the 5th International Conference on Quantum and Plasma Physics, Stockholm, Sweden, May 9-10; she was keynote speaker at the 6th World Congress on Physics, May 13-14, Paris; at the 5th International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials, London, June 3-4; and at the EMN Meeting (Energy Materials and Nanotechnology) Saint-Petersburg, Russia June 18-22.

In 2018 she was invited speaker at the EMN Meeting (Energy-Materials-Nanotechnology), Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 7-9; at the International Conference on Nano Technology and Nano Engineering in Paris, July 16-18; at the World Congress on Materials Science Engineering, Amsterdam, August 23-25 and at Serbian Ceramic Society Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, September 17-19.

In 2017, June 18-22, she was invited speaker at the EMN Quantum Meeting in Vienna, Austria.