About us

Institute for Theoretical & Applied Micro Magnetics is committed to acquiring more knowledge and applications of twin physics in an accessible way, with a special focus on the role of magnetism. This is achieved by:

  • organizing lectures, seminars and conferences
  • publishing scientific papers and textbooks
  • stimulating education
  • cooperating with universities and companies

ITAM Magnetics is part of Stichting Twin Physics, a non-profit organization which depends financially on private resources and subsidies. Its objective is to stimulate free research in theoretical physics and its applications, based upon the method called twin physics.

Vacancy for a treasurer

The board of a start-up foundation called “Stichting Twin Physics” is looking for a volunteer who would like to take over the position of treasurer. The foundation is applying for a grant for scientific research, so affinity and some experience with this type of business is desirable, as well as communication skills in the financial field. A woman is preferred because of the gender balance in meetings.

These meetings are held in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) several times a year in the afternoon. Travel expenses and other usual expenses will be reimbursed. Website: itammagnetics.com. For oral explanation, please call the chairman, Dr. Pieter Dekker (06) 18 56 99 62.